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Who pays for the Eruv construction and upkeep?

The annual fee per family is $125 year.
This donation helps to maintain your personal use of the Eruv.

Your support is both vital and required to help maintain the Eruv. Otherwise it may fall into disrepair and cause hundreds if not thousands of people to carry on Shabbat and violate this prohibition.

If a family or individual is using the Eruv they should contribute directly to the fund. Nonpayment of Eruv dues is tantamount to violating the laws of gezelah. Simply put, nonpayment of community Eruv dues is stealing pursuant to the laws of choshen mishpat. Members of non-paying shuls have been excluded specifically from the Eruv and you should immediately arrange your own payment. You should not carry on Shabbat as you will not be considered to be within an Eruv and will consequently be violating the forbidden act of carrying unless you have paid for your own family.

Can I sponsor a section of the Eruv?

Yes, please contact Bernardo at 1-877-782-3788 or via the contact page for sponsorship opportunities and to dedicate a section of the Eruv in honor or in memory of a loved on.

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