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Miami Beach Eruv Council  Inc. is a community project by a dedicated group that comes together to develop and build, repair and maintain a Kosher Eruv in the Miami Beach area and surrounding areas following Orthodox Jewish Law and Halacha.
The Miami Beach Eruv is "One of Americas Largest and Best Known Community Eruvs"

The Rav Hamachshir is Rabbi Yisrael Weberman, son of founder Rabbi Pinchas Weberman o.b.m. Rabbi Pinchas Weberman was famously known for being seen riding his ATV weekly on the beach as he checked the status of the Eruv during his long tenure. Rabbi Shalom Blank and Rabbi Manish Spitz are salaried inspectors of the Eruv.​

When is the Eruv inspected?

The Eruv is inspected every Friday and Erev Yom Kippur.
The Eruv is ten miles long and three miles wide. 

Which neighborhoods does the Eruv cover?


  • Miami Beach

  • South Beach

  • Bay Shore

  • Mid-Beach

  • North Beach

  • Normandy Isles

  • Surfside

  • Bal Harbour

  • Bay Harbor Islands

  • Sunny Isles Beach

  • Aventura

  • Hallandale Beach

  • North Miami Beach

  • Hyland Lakes

  • Skylake 

Please see the current eruv map for details and status of new boundary upgrades, eruv expansions and maintanace.

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Original Newspaper Article on the Eruv Construction

miami bearch eruv article.png
Screenshot 2022-01-02 172000.png

Rabbi Pinchas Weberman zt"l, Founder & Visionary of the Miami Beach Eruv

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Honorary Past Presidents:

  • Michael Lefkowitz

  • Abraham Galbut

  • Judge Norman Ciment

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